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    Granville Dem. Party (virtual) May meeting

    6:30 pm-8:00 pm
    Thursday, May 26th, 2022

    Greetings Democrats,

    Primary Season is over and our slate is set for November!

    Please join us at our monthly meeting on Thurs., May 26 beginning at 6:30 pm. This meeting will be held virtually.* We will recognize all of our candidates and plan out upcoming activities from now to the general election in November.

    If you are a delegate, don’t forget to register for the upcoming District 4 Convention this weekend!

    We are counting on you to help get Democrats elected this November.

    Hope to see you soon,

    * You can participate from your computer, a smartphone, or telephone. If you don’t currently have the Zoom application installed, please take a few minutes to install and set up the Zoom client. Note that Zoom updates their app fairly often so you may want to check for updates before the meeting to keep features up to date.

    Important: You will need a password to join this meeting! To get the password, send an email (with your name and address) to <> or leave a detailed message at (919) 603-1695. Please specify whether you’ll be joining us by telephone or on the web, as there is a different passcode for each.

    When the meeting is set to begin, click the link below to join the meeting:
    To participate by phone, dial (929) 205-6099. You will be asked to enter the meeting ID, which is 586 624 5602

    Please consider joining 5 to 10 minutes before meeting start time to avoid Zoom connection/login delays and help us with identifying and screening participants.

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The Democratic Party philosophy is inclusive by its very nature. It also stresses empathy and caring for others and understands the nature of equal opportunity and fairness in governing. It acts to protect the civil rights of all Americans.

A famous political writer has said this about the Progressive Democratic Philosophy: “During the past presidential conservative reign we have seen what Barack Obama has called an empathy deficit—a failure to care, both about others and each other. Caring is not just feeling empathy; it is taking responsibility, acting powerfully and courageously. You have to be strong to care, and to act on that care with success. Never forget ‘responsibility and strength,’ because there is no true empathy without them.” George Lakoff, The Political Mind, Penguin Books, 2008.

We need you to jump in to act powerfully and courageously!

Here is How You Can Help: 

  • GET REGISTERED to vote if you are not—See the Voter Info tab or use the Contact Us tab on this site if you need help with that process.
  • VOTE! In these critical times, there is nothing more important! For Independent and Unregistered voters, we believe if you are informed, you will vote for Democratic candidates.
  • GET INFORMED! Come visit us here and we will try to help you get informed. Visit the links we will have on this web site. Understand the Issues! We will try to help you see through the weak arguments that “the other side” often uses to confuse and distract us. COME TO OUR MONTHLY MEETINGS, ALTERNATING BETWEEN CREEDMOOR AND OXFORD! We welcome the opportunity to meet you and have you participate. See the Calendar on the Home Page which lists meetings and other important dates in RED font.
  • KNOW YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS AND CANDIDATES FOR OFFICE! AND HOW THEY VOTES ON ISSUES! We will have a complete list here of all your reps from the City level to the National Level, from your Precinct Officers to the Mayor to President Obama. Study the NC Assembly web site for legislative bills at From here you can see all bills introduced into the Senate and House, their status, votes on each one and the various outcomes of each one INCLUDING WHO VOTED YES OR NO!! From this web site you can also link to other informative sections and info on the NC Assembly. ….     **YOUR OFFICIALS DO LISTEN TO YOU OR AT LEAST COUNT YOUR EMAILS, PHONE CALLS AND LETTERS! IT IS A DEMOCRACY AND IT CAN WORK! (We’ll have some discussion here as to why it sometimes does not)**
  • VOLUNTEER! We certainly need your help during critical voting times, to get people registered, to get people to the polls, etc. But we can use all kinds of skills and elbow grease to help us with gathering info, educating people, setting up social meetings, helping with fund raising, web site searches for data, etc. WHAT ARE YOUR SKILLS AND MOTIVATION THAT CAN HELP US? 
  • PROMOTE THE DEMOCRATIC PHILOSOPHY! Talk to your friends, relatives and others politely with strong information, logic and conviction to help them understand the issues and promote Democratic ideals. Promote meetings with your neighbors. Invite them to your house for a meeting or have a cook out. It is almost guaranteed, that if people hear the truth about the Democratic Party philosophy, they will be on our side and the world will be the better for it.

“The core of patriotism is– are we caring for each other? Are we upholding values of our founders? Are we willing to sacrifice on behalf of future generations?”
Barack Obama, In an Anderson Cooper 360 interview, March 19, 2008

 “Empathy. Making sure that you see the world through somebody else’s eyes, stand in their shoes. I think that’s the basis for kindness and compassion.”
Barack Obama. When asked “What is the Best thing your mom ever taught you.” In an interview with Ann Curry, April 1, 2008.

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